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Testimonials - Valuable Sources of Information

Global Legacy Programs (GLP) »»» URL: www.global-legacy.org

Foundedin 2008 by Ms. Mireille Hanna for humanitarian aid to various part of Latin America. Mireille, a retired American Airline employee, workedfor many years with Airline Ambassadors Inc. to channel aid to those most in need. She has partnered on many occasion with MTF and Yashalum in Chiapas, and is currently organizing visits to the area

Global Pediatric Alliance (GPA) »»» URL: www.globalpediatricalliance.org

GPA has partnered with Yashalum in Chiapas. Its objective is empowering lay health workers through education to improve child and maternal health in poor, rural areas. GPA has formed a group of midwives in Yajalon and is supporting the remodelling of the bathrooms at the girl's residence of Casa Santa Maria.

Just Coffee »»» URL: www.justcoffee.org

Just coffee is a fair-traded coffee grower co-operative based in Salvador Urbina, Chiapas Mexico, with roasting facilities Agua Prieta Mexico and Douglas Arizona.

Latin American Parents Association (LAPA) »»» URL: www.lapa.com

LAPA is a not-for-profit organization based in the state of New York. It is a volunteer association of adoptive parents committed to aiding people seeking to adopt children (as well as those who already have) by intensely researching new sources of adoption in Latin America, supplying materials to orphanages and providing educational and social activities.

Pathways Store »»» URL: www.thepathwaysproject.org

The Pathways Project is a humanitarian organization conceived as a way to give voice to people struggling in the modern world, and to be an advocate of sustainable development, and human rights within the regions where it operates.

SIPAZ »»» URL: www.sipaz.org

International Service for Peace, SIPAZ, acts as a deterrant in the areas of greatest tension and thus assists in conflict prevention. It maintains an important presence in the indigenous communities of Chiapas, communicating with the many different political actors in an effort to promote dialogue and reduce tension and violence.

SYjAC »»» URL: www.syjac.org.mx

Founded in San Cristobal, Chiapas, by one of the Yashalum college graduates, Sabás Cruz Garcia. It is a egally constituted Civil Society Organization that serves as a bridge between the needs of communities and organized groups with national and international people, organizations and institutions desiring to help these needs.

UPVIM Crafts and Mayan Hands »»» URL: www.upavim.org

Acronym in Spanish for "United for a Better Life," is a non-profit women's co-operative in Guatemala City, dedicated to the sale of Fair Trade crafts. All profits from UPAVIM's craft sales go toward the empowerment of women and community programs.

Universidad de Chiapas »»» URL: www.unach.mx

Many of the Yashalum's sponsored college students attend the State University in the Chiapas capital of Tuxtla Gutierez.

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