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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Mission Teaching Foundation stand out among other sponsorship organizations?

We are small and all work as volunteers. All the money given to each student goes to benefit his or her education. Read more...

How does Mission Teaching Foundation insure that my support actually benefits the student I sponsor?

Each month, MTF sends an international bank wire to Yashalúm in Chiapas to cover the monthly scholarships of all students in the program, the running expenses of the Girl's and Boy's residences and the appropriate technology projects. Each student signs a receipt for his or her monthly scholarship. A certified accountant audits the books and sends the monthly report to MTF.

How much does it cost to sponsor a student?

For students on the junior high and high school level, the scholarship is $25.00 a month, $300.00 for the full year (12 months). For the university level, it is $100.00 a month, $1,200.00 for the year. For the student living at the Boy's and Girl's residence, the money is given to them for room and board. For all other students, the money is given each month in cash for their school expenses.

What will I receive from MTF upon submission of the completed pledge form, including payment?

You will receive a letter thanking you on behalf of the student who is in immediate need of support. Enclosed will be a photo of your student with his or her parents and a biography which will give you a brief insight into both the student and the family. Pls. note, a delay in receiving this material may occur on occasion. However, your support of a deserving student has begun.

May I send gifts to my student?

Because of serious problems with postal service, customs and shipping costs, all items must be hand carried to Chiapas. Therefore, we recommend gifts of cash. Also, in keeping with the indigenous culture, the Yashalúm Association has the policy of accepting individual gifts from sponsors for their students with half of the gift going to the student and half into a common fund for an outing or sports event for all students.
The best gift you can send your student, however, is a note of encouragement and a family photo or two. The Mayan indigenous are very community minded and like to "meet" the people who are so wonderfully helping them reach their dreams.

Are my contributions to Mission Teaching Foundation, including my sponsorship support, donations and gifts, tax-deductible?

Yes. Mission Teaching Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with a tax exempt status from the IRS. It files a public 990 form of fiscal operations each year. A receipt for tax purposes will be sent to you on request.

Are Mission Teaching Foundation (MTF) or Yashalúm affiliated with any church or denomination?

No. Although MTF was founded by a Catholic priest, its objectives are education and appropriate technology in Chiapas, and it is open to all. It is not involved in political or religious proselytizing. Yashalúm was founded by Catholic indigenous catechists, but, as an association under Mexican law, it is bound to offer service without distinction of race or religion. Although most students are Catholic, reflecting local demographics, many, in fact, belong to other religious traditions.

Can I get the Seasonal Newsletter and MTF's Monthly Edition of News Info via email?

Yes, you can. Click here to sign up. No forms to fill out, just give us your first and last name. Be assured, your email address stays with us.

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