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Facts and Figures

Mission Teaching Foundation continues to provide ongoing education for the students in the program from middle-school age through candidates for advanced degrees.

When an applicant is accepted into our program, it is our intention to fund that student’s education as far as he or she can go. Most of our sponsors are similarly committed to their student for the long term. When we lose a sponsor we do everything possible to keep the student in school, even if that means drawing on our reserves. But most students must rely on the month-to-month donations from sponsors. If you would like to help our students but feel that you cannot contribute right now, please consider making a bequest to Mission Teaching Foundation in your will or trust. We hope we will never have to tell students that they must leave school and abandon their hopes because they have lost their sponsor and we cannot continue to fund their education.

We ask all our friends to join us in praying for our students and for all our sponsors, donors and volunteers, especially those who have gone before us in the Lord.

The figures below show the annual income and expenses of MTF for the year. There has been a gradual decrease in new sponsorships and donations. This is a troubling trend, and we ask our loyal donors to see if they can be even more generous.

In order to ensure that all the students already in the program have the opportunity to earn a college degree, we have decided to limit the number of new students to be accepted into the program to cover the expenses.


Revenue Expenditures
Investment Revenue (net)
Unrealized Gains/Losses
Education Programs 
Fundraising/Business Expense
Pension/Deferred Compensation
Outside Services/Contract Labor
Total Revenue $69,341 Total Expenditures $202,786


Revenue Expenditures
Investement Revenue (net)
Unrealized Gains
Education Programs 
Fundrasing/Business Expense
Pension/Deferred Compensation
Outside Services/Contract Labor
Total Revenue 173,888 Total Expenditures $264,467

MTF is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with a tax exempt status from the IRS

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