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December Newsletter 2017


Dear Friends and Sponsors,

In the past few months, Mexico has been beset by earthquakes, hurricanes and political unrest, devastating the lives of many. When we hear about them, we are moved to help them in their efforts to build anew what has been broken. Faith - theirs and ours - keeps us all from losing hope.

The Mayans in Chiapas, Mexico, wake up every morning wondering what the new day will bring. They have barely enough to eat, they earn less than five dollars a day, and they have no reserve in the bank. Serious illness and natural disaster are life-changing events from which it can take years for them to recover. And yet they are faith- filled people. Their faith, along with the support of family, friends and you, gives them the strength to use the setbacks they face as opportunities to build better lives. They are People of Hope!

The season of Advent is special in Chiapas. It begins on December 4, with the Novena of prayers to Our Lady of Guadalupe that ends on the December 12 feast day. It includes the Feast of San Juan Diego on December 9. Juan Diego was the indigenous man called to carry God ́s message, through Mary, to the bishop of Mexico. Las Posadas Novena begins on December 14, and ends with the birth of Jesus on the 25th. The Christmas season continues through New Year’s Day, the Feast of Three Kings and ends on Candlemas Day, February 2. star

Christmas is a time to celebrate God working through the poor in the world. The education program in Chiapas is one of many ways the poor transmit God ́s words of hope through action. The Yashalum Education Program for junior high, high school and college students is run by Mayans for Mayans. Over the past 25 years, it has helped over 300 young men and women receive professional degrees. The demand for scholarships remains high, while the resources, as usual, lag far behind.

Many of the college grads return to support the program with their time, talent and effort. They are presently working with Chiapas State University to develop facilities at Casa Santa Maria (the girls’ residence) to house midwives and patients who face difficult deliveries at the local hospital. The grads have plans to offer simple, low-cost lodging for families coming from mountain communities to be with sick family members. They have already opened an affordable café for these families, and their hope is to provide patients and hospital staff with Internet access. (The local government hospital is located just across the street from Casa Santa Maria, but it has no Internet access).

The need is great, our dreams are many and there are plenty of students who are anxious to help. As often happens, what’s lacking are the resources to get these ideas off the ground. The hope is that these programs will generate income to be used to increase the number of scholarships for local students. If successful, it will mean greater self-sufficiency for the Mayans and less dependence on U.S. sponsors.

Thanks to all of you who have continued over these many years to be part of the effort that brings hope to the ingenious of Chiapas. We on staff at Mission Teaching Foundation, along with our Mayan brothers and sisters at Yashalum, offer prayers for all of you and much gratitude for your support that has allowed us to keep this effort going.

May you have a blessed Christmas and a peace-filled New Year.


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