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June Newsletter 2017


Dear Friends and Sponsors,

On behalf of the Yashalum, Chiapas students, we want to take this opportunity to thank you for your faithful support.

The students are finishing up the school year and getting ready to return to their villages for the summer months. Some may have to stay at the residences a couple more weeks to make up service hours if they have fallen behind. All eventually will get to spend time with their families and join in the weeding of the bean and corn fields and pruning of the coffee bushes. It’s rough work - the entire day in the sun and heat - but it insures the survival of the family for another year.

Seventeen of our high school seniors will graduate next month and go on to college (10 young men and 7 young women). Thanks to volunteers among previous college grads, we were able to offer the seniors aptitude testing and workshops to help them prepare for the college entrance exams. They are excited to have completed high school and a little apprehensive about moving on to the next level. Thank God there are over 200 college grads in the area that remind them, in a flesh and blood way, that anything is possible. Forty additional students from the indigenous communities are also applying for scholarships for college.

Thank you for supporting all of our students. The education that you help provide will help them and their communities, and many future generations of Mayans, live a better life.


The Volunteers of Mission Teaching Foundation


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