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Christmas Newsletter 2018


Dear Sponsors, Donors and Friends,

As 2018 draws to a close, we feel both sorrow and joy. The death of our founder and dear friend, Fr. Loren Riebe, weighs heavily on our hearts, but we find solace in the progress of the Yashalum Education Program. In September, students, parents and friends of Fr. Riebe, gathered in Yajalon to celebrate his life and to inter his ashes. He will be remembered for his kind spirit, his jovial sense of humor and his generous service to others. We miss him, but his spirit continues to guide the mission of MTF and lives on in the indigenous Mayans that are part of the Yashalum family.

2018 has been a busy one for Yashalum. Many ongoing and new projects are underway as the Board of Directors continues its efforts to improve the lives of indigenous Mayans and to achieve greater self-sufficiency and less dependence on U.S. sponsors. A partial list of those projects includes:

  • Workshops on how to plant and maintain a cabbage nursery. 200 seedlings have been planted at Casa Santa Maria and 300 at Rancho Santiago Apostol. The cabbages will provide food for the students and a new income stream for the program.
  • In August, members attended a workshop on water purification systems. Attendees were taught how to install and maintain the systems, insuring safe drinking water in their communities.
  • Through Facebook, members of Yashalum connected with the collective Tsunket that supports cultural diversity and has volunteered to promote the work of Yashalum on its platform.
  • A collaboration with a Spanish non-profit has resulted in the planned purchase of 25 stoves. Because indigenous Mayans continue to cook on open fires, stoves are a valuable resource that improve both their health and their local environment.
  • As part Yashalum's mandatory service requirement, parents and students perform regular maintenance on Casa Santa Maria and Rancho Santiago Apostol. This year’s work has included water filter installation and maintenance, plumbing and roofing repairs and nursery maintenance. The boys at Rancho Santiago Apostol work alongside parents to plant and harvest the coffee crop and to prepare the fields for the annual corn crop. The girls at Casa Santa Maria continue to produce and sell artisan handiworks and to operate a small store designed to provide food to patients and their visitors at the local hospital.
  • The 2018-19 school year continues through June. This year, your donations are supporting 58 university sand 77 high school students.


We the staff at Mission Teaching Foundation, along with our Mayan brothers and sisters at Yashalum, offer prayers for all of you and much gratitude for your support that has allowed us to keep this effort going.

May you have a blessed Christmas and a peace-filled New Year.
The Staff of Mission Teaching Foundation




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