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February Newsletter 2018


     AS THE NEW YEAR GETS UNDERWAY, we want to thank all of you for your continued support of the students of Mission Teaching Foundation.  A special thanks to those of you who sent Christmas cards and gifts to your students.  Your generosity makes their education possible!feb1

     AS PART OF THEIR ACCEPTANCE INTO THE YASHALUM PROGRAM, students are required to complete service hours.  Their Mayan indigenous heritage teaches that any blessing received from God must be paid back in service to the community.  Yashalum encourages service in small ways while the students are studying and expects that, after graduation, they will continue to use their knowledge to help those in need. Here are some examples of the service work students completed during their Christmas break.


  1. Prepared decorations for the Feast of Guadalupe celebrations feb2
  2. Completed maintenance on their residences
  3. Helped with the logistics of planning and offering handicraft workshops
  4. Assisted incoming students and their parents with administrative tasks
  5. Completed rent and scholarship reports for Yashalum Board of Directors
  6. Served as translators for parents who speak only indigenous Mayan


  1. Did maintenance in the citrus groves
  2. Repaired fencing feb3
  3. Did a general clean-up of the ranch
  4. Maintained the chicken coops
  5. Helped cultivate the vegetable garden and coffee plants


  1. Weeded and renovated their garden
  2. Worked on handicrafts to be sold in the local market
  3. Performed general maintenance and painting tasks at CSM
  4. Worked in the small store they have created (to sell food items to people who visit the nearby hospital)

     Thank you again for your continued generosity and support!

The Volunteers of Mission Teaching Foundation



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