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Summer Newsletter 2018


Dear Sponsors and Friends,

THE beginning of summer is an exciting and challenging time for the students of the Yashalum Education Program in Chiapas. As the school year draws to a close, exams have to be passed, and families have to decide if they will have the necessary resources for their students to enroll for the fall semester. The dedication students show is carefully considered as the availability of scholarships determines which of them will be able to continue with their education. Your sponsorship literally is the engine that enables MTF support of the students of Yashalum.

LIFE among the indigenous is precarious at best. They continue to occupy the bottom rung of the economic ladder where daily life can be daunting and challenging. This is why Yashalum plays such a critical role in the lives of our families who know that education is the only hope for their children’s future. Thanks to your partnership, MTF has managed to support the Yashalum program for 27 years! Hundreds of students have graduated high school, and college and have returned to give a mandatory year of service to the program.

CURRENTLY, the young men at Rancho Santiago Apostol are working hard to replant coffee fields that were devastated last year by a fungus. The young women of Casa Santa Maria continue with their textile projects and with the co-op they’ve created for the purpose of selling food and supplies to both patients and visitors of the new hospital, that through a bit of good fortune is located right across the street! The parents of the students who staff the Yashlalum Board of Directors have themselves been undergoing a reorganization. All this as their contribution to making Yashalum more self-sustaining.

HEARTFELT thanks and GRATITUDE for making the Yashalum miracle possible!

The Staff of Mission Teaching Foundation



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