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Christmas Newsletter 2019

Dear Friends and Sponsors,

Dear Sponsors, Donors and Friends,
            2019 has been a busy year for the students of Yashalum.  Many ongoing and new projects are underway as the Board of Directors continues its efforts to improve the lives of the students and their families.  A partial list of projects includes:

  • High school students attended workshops promoting the values of respect, responsibility and teamwork.
  • Parent meetings were held to discuss student progress in the areas of responsibility, punctuality, respect, conduct, participation and service work.


  • The Yashalum team held planning sessions for Human Formation workshops to be carried out during the school year.  Workshops are designed to help students develop values of social justice and to strengthen their knowledge and skills in becoming agents of social change.
  • Student registration and documentation was completed


  • Students were welcomed to the residences at Casa Santa Maria, Rancho Santiago Apostol and at the University.
  • The Yashalum Board of Directors met with representatives of the communities where students and families live to discuss needed infrastructure improvements in the communities.


  • The first Human Formation workshops were delivered on the topics of Identity, Values, Self-Esteem and Physical and Psychological Health.
  • Meetings with parents of university students were held to assess student progress.
  • 35 pounds of coffee were harvested at Rancho Santiago Apostol and sold with proceeds used to make improvements at the residences

            The 2019-20 school year continues through June.  This year, your donations are supporting 43 university students and 44 high school students. 

            We on staff at Mission Teaching Foundation, along with our Mayan brothers and sisters at Yashalum, offer prayers for all of you and much gratitude for your support that has allowed us to keep this effort going.  May you have a blessed Christmas and a peace-filled New Year.

The Staff of Mission Teaching Foundation


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