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Spring Newsletter 2020

Dear Friends and Sponsors,

I hope this newsletter finds you safe and healthy and that the Covid-19 virus has not had a personal impact on you or your families.  I want to update you on the situation in Mexico.

I have communicated with the Yashalum Board of Directors in Yajalon where Casa Santa Maria and Santiago de Apostol Boys’ Ranch are located.  As a small town, Yajalon has reported only one infection.  The incidence of the virus is also very low in the surrounding towns of Tumbala, Tila and Chilon, where most of the students’ families live. 

Like here, classes have been suspended, and the government has recommended that people stay home.  This presents a very real challenge for students whose families do not have internet service.  Students can access online classes at internet cafes if they can pay the required fees. 

Members of the Board of Directors expressed concern for many of the families who live day-to-day, making staying at home all but impossible and putting them in harm’s way as they continue to try to earn a living.  They place their faith in God and pray that the financial and emotional toll this is having will soon be resolved.

I’m also writing with a request.  So that we can scale back on printing and postage costs, we would like to communicate with sponsors by internet as much as possible.  You can check our website for updates, and if you have an email, please send it to me info@missionteachingfoundation.org.  I will then begin sending the quarterly newsletters to your email rather than through the mail.  I have included enough return envelopes with this newsletter to last until Christmas when I will send a newsletter by mail, so that I can include student letters and Christmas cards….assuming life has returned to something that resembles normal by then!

Your support of the students of Yashalum continues to be the engine that drives their success. MTF’s long history makes it challenging to know the exact number of students we have assisted.  I can tell you that over the last decade or so, your donations have supported over 700 high school and university students.  Over 300 of them have graduated university and gone on to earn professional degrees.  None of these young people would have achieved such success without your help.  As always, we are grateful and very appreciative of your support.

In gratitude and hope for your health and well-being,



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