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Christmas 2020

Dear Friends and Sponsors,

            2020 has been an unusual and challenging year for all of us.  Covid-19 has disrupted life as we know it, and the future of “normal” is yet to be determined.  Because of their vulnerable position, the underprivileged always pay a great price in the face of such misfortune, and so the families of the Yashalum students have been especially impacted by the pandemic.  Nevertheless, they persist!
            As reported in our September update, life remains busy for the university and high school students.  They continue to pursue their education, and, along with their parents, consistently work to improve their communities.  This year, they have established some additional partnerships as they intensify their focus on coffee cultivation as a means toward greater self-sufficiency.      
            Along with the students’ letters to sponsors, the MTF staff also received a letter from recent graduate Limberg Cruz Cruz, who wrote:

Dear MTF,
            I wish good health to you and your loved ones.  I am very happy to write this letter and to say thank you for the extraordinary support that you have given me during my studies these past three and a half years.  Without your help, I wouldn’t have achieved my professional studies.
            Being in the Yashalum program has been one of the most extraordinary experiences of my life.  You have provided scholarships for students with limited resources who wish to succeed.  Yashalum motivates young people to never give up their dreams.  We are the future of the indigenous communities.
            Again, thank you for the help you have given to me and to the other youths in the program. I hope you are able to continue this great work, so that more young people like me can continue their education and achieve their goals. 
            I hope that God always protects and blesses all of you and your families.
Limberg Cruz Cruz

            The 2020-21 school year continues through June.  This year, your donations are supporting 28 university students and 35 high school students.   As Limberg’s letter makes clear, your continuing sponsorship is an immeasurable gift to these young people.

            We on staff at Mission Teaching Foundation, along with our Mayan brothers and sisters at Yashalum, offer prayers for all of you and much gratitude for your support that has allowed us to keep this effort going.  May you have a blessed Christmas and a peace-filled  (Covid-free!) New Year.

The Staff of Mission Teaching Foundation

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